Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bee-Keeper's Birthday

The Bee-Keeper has a birthday, he is another year older.
The first candle is placed in the cake.The first candle of many.
We must remember to move the cake before we light all the candles, more than half a century's worth of candles. ( as in, one candle for every year)
Candles enough to cause one to think we are having a bonfire on the table!
The Bee-Keeper can still blow ALL the candles out, and that is saying a LOT!
Happy Birthday Bee-Keeper!


  1. well done on blowing out the candles and a belated but heartfelt happy birthday. Your cake is quite stylish and the t-shirt appears to be an original - your family celebrations always seem so special - it is a gift!

  2. Happy Birthday Jim. Nice looking cake display.

  3. Wow...that was a lot of candles..I just use one or two for Paul so we don't burn the house down. Happy Birthday big brother!!

  4. Ain't nothin wrong with the ol' lungs there! I LOVE that adorable little face looking at the candles and cake! What a nice birthday for Dad this year!

  5. Happy birthday!! I AM quite impressed that all those candles aren't a match for those lungs:-)