Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time to Add Boxes

The weather has cooled and even some rain showers to help water the gardens. The bees are working the sedums and fireweed and I will soon be harvesting some honey.

The new hive that swarmed into the wood shed has grown to fill half the upper box.

While there is still plenty of room I have decided to add the final box before fall. Here in the north I like to have three boxes on the hives to help carry them over till spring. I know I could harvest more honey but then I would be feeding sugar water in the late winter and early spring.

Here is a frame with a few cells of pollen but mostly being filled with honey. Once filled and the right moisture content archived (about 18%) the bees will cap the cells with wax.

There are several sizes of boxes that can be used to make up the hive. The larger are Standard Hive Bodies that provide the living quarters for the bees. The Queen lays eggs and brood is raised here. Honey and pollen are also stored around the brood. The smaller boxes are shallow supers that are used for surplus honey. These are what are harvested by the beekeeper.
A good video series is A Year in the Life of an Apiary with Dr. Keith Delaplane produced by the University of Georgia.


  1. Please come down here and feel free to add to ours for our spring!! weather, that is almost here.......cold mornings and great days just how the bees and us like it!!

    So lovely to be visiting you today.


  2. i could sure use some honey and fresh would be even better.

  3. How neat! I wanted to visit your beekeeping blog too and have enjoyed reading it.