Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Beekeepers Apprentices

The industrious bee extracts from every flower
Its fragrant sweets and mild balsamic power
Learn thence with greatest care and nicest skill
To take the good and to reject the ill.
from a piece of embroidery by Sarah Ann Hitch, 1790

Here is our #1 granddaughter (KB) suiting up to inspect the bees.
Her dad was about a year older when we first started keeping bees.

Together we inspect the hive; don't worry you are well protected.
They look to be doing very well!

This little apprentice is Kai, Lanny's grandson ( "It's The Dirt"). His mom helps get him suited up. He is fearless and loves to catch bees and study them. He does not complain when stung.

He handles the smoker like a pro. It is used to help calm the bees while working the hive.

Here he helps put a package of bees into boxes to start a new hive.
He now helps work hives at his house.
I think another one is hooked (stung ) on beekeeping.


  1. This was lots of fun to see! I hadn't seen the photos of Kai helping with the bees. You should put some on of David helping when he was little too!

  2. That is a great post. I'm glad I have finally gotten over here and shame on me for not coming sooner. Unfortunately I will need to come back to read the rest, right now I have to go out and visit what we like to think of as "your bees" out in the pasture patch. They really like the "weed" that is out there right now, hopefully they will stick around for the squash blossoms. ooops Bet is already out the door and clanging the gate, I gotta skoot. Thanks for the pics of Kai!